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        I. Notes

        When the worker operates the electric punch, it is strictly forbidden to put his hand between the upper and lower dies before the power supply is cut off and the machine stops turning completely, so as to avoid accidents. When installing this machine, it is necessary to connect the ground wire to the left and rear side of the workbench.

        In order to prevent the friction parts from heating and jamming due to oil loss. There are 9 refueling places in this machine. Don't forget to refuel. At least four times in each class.

        II. Machine Structure

        The machine is mainly composed of four parts: 1 fuselage, 2 transmission, 3 sliders and 4 control mechanisms.

        1. The fuselage is the main component of the machine. It consists of handwheel (1-01), cross beam (1-02), pillar (1-03), fuselage (1-04), lifting screw (1-05), worktable (1-06), locking nut, locking bolt, etc.

        There are four fastening bolts on the back of the body for fastening the body to the posts. The body, lifting screw and handwheel constitute the lifting mechanism. To adjust the position of the body, we must first loosen the locking nut of the lifting screw, then loosen the four fastening bolts behind the body, and then rotate the handwheel, so that the body can move up and down on the column to adjust the height and closure height of the body. After adjustment, four fastening bolts and lifting screw lock nuts must be tightened again. Prevent loosening of machine body and damage of die and machine during stamping operation.

        2, transmission

        The motor drives the flywheel (2-02) through the triangle belt (2-01), drives the crankshaft (2-03), drives the connecting rod (2-04) and the ball head screw (2-05), and drives the slider (fig. 4) to move up and down to make the machine work.

        In order to make the crankshaft rotational energy stable and balanced in stamping work, the locking bolt of brake (2-06) can be adjusted to make the brake clamp or relax the sleeve and produce ideal friction effect. Realize the braking function of crankshaft.

        The machine adopts overrunning rigid clutch structure. The structure consists of clutch housing (2-07), ball (2-08), hexagonal cam (2-09) coupling (2-10) bearing (2-11), etc. It has the characteristics of sensitivity and reliability.

        3, slider

        The slider is the main part of the clamping (upper) die for stamping. The die pressing block (3-01) under the slide block is used for clamping the upper die handle.

        The slider is composed of connecting rod (3-02), ball head screw (3-03), slider (3-04), left and right guide rail (3-05).

        When the crankshaft rotates, the slider is driven by connecting rod and ball head screw. Under the precise guidance of left and right guide rails, the reciprocating motion is carried out so that the upper die installed on the slider can complete the stamping work.

        When installing the die, the closing height of the body can be determined according to the closing height of the die. When adjusting the high and low position of the body, the locking nuts of the four fastening bolts and lifting screw behind the body can be loosened, and the handwheel can be rotated by hand. If only minor adjustment is needed, the locking nut on the ball head screw can be loosened, and the ball head screw can be turned for fine adjustment. The fine adjustment is not more than 10mm.

        The slider and the left and right guideways will wear out after a long period of work, resulting in excessive clearance. By adjusting the four square head screw on both sides of the body, the clearance can be adjusted to the ideal accuracy to achieve the best state. But this work must be done by professional mechanics.

        4. Manipulator

        The control device consists of a handle body (4-01), a baffle shell (4-02), a baffle pin (4-03) spring (4-04), etc.

        The handle body is mounted on the right side of the body. With the right hand control handle (4-05), under the action of spring and clutch, the combination and detachment of flywheel and crankshaft are controlled so that the slider can work single or continuous.

        The baffle shell is connected to the handle body by two screws, and the angle can be adjusted along the arc groove to match the convex edge of the coupling. Adjust the stop point to the top of the trip.

        The tail of the retaining pin is equipped with a spring, which acts as a buffer to prevent jamming. On the handle body, the handle can also adjust the angle arbitrarily along the arc groove to adapt to the operator's habitual gesture.

        In addition to manual operation, the other is to install electronic pedal device. Through the pedal switch, the electronic control box and the traction magnet can be operated, and the single or continuous working procedure can be selected arbitrarily. Effectively reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

        III. Lubrication and Installation

        There are 8 lubrication points in this machine. Oil cups are installed at all lubrication points. The position distribution is as follows: 2 above the crankshaft bush, 1 above the connecting rod bush, 2 above the left and right guide rails, 1 coupling, 1 flywheel and 1 brake. Before working, the lubricating fluid must be added to the lubricating points and friction parts to prevent the friction parts from heating and biting because of oil loss.

        The added lubricant is blended with 20 # oil and grease (butter) to form a thin paste with the best effect.

        The machine is small in size, small in vibration and noise. It can be installed on wooden table, clamp table, iron frame or cement pier with appropriate height. During installation, two M10 threaded holes and tail grooves on the bottom of the machine are aligned under the installation table and fastened with bolts.

        Four, operation

        Turn the flywheel by hand, set the slider stroke to the lowest point, loosen the four fastening bolts on the back of the press, loosen the locking nuts of the lifting screw, and rotate the handwheel by hand, so as to adjust the body to the appropriate height. Install the die between the slider and the working table. Then, according to the reasonable distance between the upper and lower dies, spin


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